Suzanne Qigong forest
stone wall
Suzanne Qigong reaching
Suzanne mountain view

Better Balance

Head Heart Body

Better Balance is a place to observe the self without judgement. This observation of self helps to incorporate balance for a healthier lifestyle.

We encourage an attitude of spiritual openness by bringing into harmony the physical, emotional, and intellect of every day life.

Journey to a sacred place with us where questions are asked, conversations occur, rituals are perpetuated, and silence is heard. All in an attempt to find answers.

The Pine Tree

In China, the pine tree is known as the songshi, or just song. It represents longevity, virtue, and solitude. For Better Balance it represents adaptability, flexibility, and balance in a changing environment.

The tree also represents our two-fold nature, it is drawn down into the earth and it reaches up to the sky. It becomes a symbol of the twin processes of involution and evolution. At Better Balance our work is the reconcilitation of these two complimentary forces.

Our work then becomes the interpenetration and mutual non-hindrance of all dualities.